Packages and pricing

Our packages

Depending on the complexity of the project and especially on your needs and requirements, we will provide you with a customized, best-fit solution. Therefore, we foresee 3 main packages (= gold, silver and bronze) varying in duration and scope. However, the customized solution ranges between all of these packages with infinite solutions as a result.

The Stimax Gold Package is a total package, which entails strategic advice and the execution of this advice, such as contract negotiations.

The Stimax Silver Package focuses only on the strategic aspect by providing advice to mid-level or executive level management.

The Stimax Bronze Package is mainly intended for smaller or predefined projects with a direct focus on the execution (f.e. a specific contract negotiation).

3 main packages, but infinite solutions


No predefined scope or target required
Long-term assignment
Strategy advisory
Execution and implementation
Assistance in negotiations
Close collaboration on executive level


No predefined scope or target required
Mid- to long-term assignment
Only strategy advisory
Limited assistance in execution and negotiation
Close collaboration on executive level
Project management


Predefined scope and target
Predefined and limited duration
Focus on execution
Specific (smaller) case
E.g. a specific contract or purchase negotiation


In order to provide you with the best-fit solution for your organization, our pricing strategy is always customized. Our customized pricings per project depend on a variety of parameters, such as duration, weekly occupation rate, in house (or not), and targets. Therefore, our price offer consists of 3 main pricing variables.

3 pricing variables, and again infinite solutions


Percentage of savings


Daily or hourly rate


Project pricing

Every organization is different. And every project is different. Therefore, we aim to provide you with a 100 % customized solution for your specific project. We have no intentions of being the typical big consulting firm copying solutions from one organization to another.

– Stijn Laenen

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