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Indirect Procurement

  • Direct impact on profit by spend optimization
  • Long-term strategy is key for economic healthy organizations
  • High value negotiations
  • Procurement operations
  • Categories

Project Management

  • Complex and strategic projects
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Negotiations with authorities or external stakeholders
  • Interim management

What we don’t do

  • Brand management, marketing, merchandising
  • Sponsorship
  • Matchday revenues
  • Fan engagement
  • No interference in sport activities (tactics, scouting, player management

A strong, sourcing strategy is key for an economic healthy and stable organization. It can help you survive financially difficult times. Especially when you know that a cost reduction has a bigger impact on your profit than a similar sales increase.

Indirect procurement, but direct impact on profit

Optimizing indirect spend
Stimax is able to assist you intensively in your indirect procurement strategy. We optimize your indirect spend and advise you on how you can source and buy all the materials, goods and services you need in order to operate your business. Furthermore, it is important to know that a cost reduction has a bigger impact on profit than a similar sales increase. This is why indirect procurement has a direct bottom line impact on your EBIT.

Indirect procurement strategy
A strong and long-term indirect procurement strategy must be one of the foundations of your organization in order to secure long-term economic health; especially if you are aiming for the top. A decent sourcing strategy can help you through rough and difficult timesĀ (e.g. financial Fair Play, financial debts, fiscal pressure, economic crisis …).

High value negotiations
We are not merely able in defining a complete sourcing strategy, but we can also help you with negotiations on high impact purchases or high value service contracts. In addition, we assist in visualizing ‘forgotten’ or ‘hidden spend’ (= ‘maverick spending’ or ‘tail spend’) where item values are low, but the total spend could be high. Furthermore, we do not merely focus on pricing in procurement, but we could also assist you in receiving the best conditions out of contract negotiations, such as service level agreement, payment terms and delivery conditions. Please keep in mind that you will not find the biggest win in negotiation, but in the demand and requirements setting.

Procurement operations
Last but not least, we could also assist you in optimizing your procurement operations, such as purchase ordering, invoicing, supplier compliance …



Purchase of services

Civil works (new buildings, renovation …)
HR and recruitment services
External consultants
Travel expenses


Purchase of goods

Foods and drinks
Office supplies
Spare parts



Requirements and specifications
Payment terms
Terms and conditions
Service level
Delivery conditions
KPI and SLA follow-up
Supplier compliance

Project Management

Complex or strategic projects
Stimax Sports is always available to support your organization in complex or strategic projects. We therefore provide you with experienced project management.

Stakeholder alignment
In project management, we consider alignment and communication between stakeholders – internal and external – to be key. We are able to be the liaison between the steering committee or executive level management and the project team. For example, we can act as the single point of contact (“SPOC”) in difficult change management or implementation projects.

External stakeholder negotiations
Moreover, we can assist in negotiations with external stakeholders, such as authorities or competitors.

Interim management
When required, we can provide interim management solutions as well.

We only do what we do best!

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we only do what we do best! Therefore, we only provide services in which we add value to your organization. That is why it is also important to know what Stimax Sports does not do, since we are not your typical sports consulting firm.

We do not provide you with services or consultancy in:

  • brand management;
  • marketing;
  • sponsorship;
  • matchday revenues;
  • merchandising;
  • fan engagement.

However, it is important to know that we are able to negotiate on contracts for you with external partners who can provide these services.

We also never interfere with your sports activities, as we do not intervene in tactics, scouting, player management and so on.

We only focus on what we do best, so that you can focus on your core!

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